Photo Unzipper is a very simple app to add photos to your iPhone and iPad photo library from zip files.

Simply open the zip file from emails, Safari, or using iTunes file sharing. Photo Unzipper will unzip the zip file, and show you all the photos in the zip file.

You can then choose which ones to add to your Photo Albums.

Scrapbookers - transparent png format is supported, so you can use zipped elements and papers downloaded from the internet in Digital Scrapbook apps, such as Albums FX for the iPad.

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Step 1

Add your zip files to Photo Unzipper through iTunes File Sharing, or download through Safari, or open from email.

Tap the zip file in the list to unzip the photos. This may take a while, depending upon how big your photos are.

The maximum file size is 4000x4000 pixels.
Step 2

Tap your photos to select them. Or tap Select All at the bottom right.

Long press the photo to preview it. Tap it again to exit the preview.

When you have selected all the photos that you want to save to your iPhone Photo Album, tap Save at the top right.

Your photos will now be written to the iPhone Saved Images Album. This may take a while, if you have a lot of large photos.
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Minimum requirement for this app is iOS 5. It will work on the iPhone 3GS, but may crash if the photos are too large.

A Universal iPad app is currently in development.